Listen up, bumpkins: this is what we sophisticated people call “multimedia!” Multimedia is all the rage, but you were probably too busy listening to Bing Crosby on your Victrola to notice! And in case you’re wondering about my eye, I made a full recovery in a matter of weeks!

This Sunday, will be one year old. This time last year I spent several long days working on starter content and clicked the LAUNCH button during what sounded like a small yet never-ending gunfight in my suburban neighborhood. I hoped the 44-page comic book version of Gruelgo would be out by now, but I’ve learned something about making comic books: it’s, like, kind of hard. I cut the occasional corner and try not to get too obsessed with the details when I work on the webcomic, but the comic book is a different beast… it constantly begs for that extra mile, for perfection. I hope to show it to you very soon, which is why this holiday weekend is mostly dedicated to exactly what I did this time last year: crunchin’!

Below is a pinup I drew for Instagram when I crossed the 300-follower mark. I’m almost at 400 now. So yeah, I’m not winning influencer-of-the-year, but I can honestly say I’m tickled pink that so many people are reading (and hopefully enjoying) Gruelgo.

[Click the image to enlarge it, dummy!]