Here’s a pin-up that may or may not be included in the upcoming Gruelgo comic book—depends on how many pages I need to fill when all is said and done! It ain’t cheap printing physical copies, so if the story runs longer than expected (and it looks like it might at this point) I won’t have much room for filler at all! Seriously, though, I spent a lot of time writing the Gruelgo comic book and it’s going to be of a much higher quality than the ol’ peasant strips, ye hear? That’s why the damned thing is taking so long! Optimistically, it’ll be done in March. Realistically, it’ll be done sometime before the heat death of the universe.

Gruelgo is now on Facebook. (Yay, yet another site to maintain!) I’m uploading past comics there at a steady rate instead of dumping them all at once, but eventually it’ll be on the same schedule as the other sites. And yeah, I’ve fallen behind on my Reddit posting, but those dirty hipsters wouldn’t know a good comic strip even if their avocado lattes delivered it straight to their goatee’d faces!