My, how they grow up so fast! To commemorate’s second year of operation, I’ve created this marvel-ous pin-up! Furthermore, I’ve got some news! Like all good things that were once free, Gruelgo has a Patreon now! There you can get exclusive crap that nobody asked for! Right now you can check out the first five pages of the upcoming giant-sized comic book for free, but from then on out I’ll be posting one page a day until the damn thing’s finished! That’s right: I’m trying to make some cheddar off some crap I haven’t even finished yet! Bizness!

I’m also exploring options for publishing to paper, for all you insufferable collectors who still buy comics on paper… like me… I have a comic book spending problem… haha, I’m so happy! You can read about that on the Patreon, too! And get your fortune foretold in Birgitta’s Horoscope, available now for only $3 a month! Cheap!