First things first: Gruelgo is going to twice a week now, Mondays and Wednesdays! I just can’t imagine gaining any traction with once-a-week comics. If that goes well, I’ll consider adding another day of the week, but my backlog has yet to grow comfortably large enough.

Second on the agenda: I’ve created a Discord server! Drop in, check it out, post some memes—whatever! I just thought it might be a chill way to kill some time when you’re supposed to be working, but it’s probably gonna be a while before it gets populated with regulars. I feel like I’m supposed to have a Twitter profile as an independent artist (and I do), but I like and use Discord much more than I ever used Twitter. (That and my comics look terrible on Twitter’s thumbnail view!)

Thirdly, to paraphrase the Pet Shop Boys, I’ve got the brains, you’ve got the looks, so let’s make lots of money… for me! My offer is simple, see: you give me money and I make you look better with all-new T-shirts by Gruelgo! It’s like the thrill of gambling, only without the uncertainty of the outcome—here you always know you’re gonna lose money! But hey, if you’d rather look worn and dumpy, then by all means keep your current wardrobe and buy stickers or a mug instead!

Shop The Gruelgo Store @TeePublic here! Cheap!